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CONROO Connect

Slow truck turnarounds? Use CONROO for instant data supply and smarter planning, improving efficiency

Slow truck turnaround times? Use CONROO for instant data delivery and smarter planning to improve efficiency

Automated Gate Entry

Eliminate trucker cards, kiosks, and outdated gate systems. Utilize cutting-edge technology to streamline seamless and paperless entry processes.

Decrease Turnaround Time

Stabilize your operations and increase productivity by minimizing turnaround time.

Optimize with Intelligence

Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to optimize capacity allocation, utilizing analytics for valuable insights into schedules, movements, and overall productivity.

CONROO Connect

Our solutions create transparency and increase operational efficiency

Gate Connect Conroo Plan

Automate Gate Entry

Easily streamline gate operations with CONROO Gate Connect, no added hardware necessary. Enhance security, ease congestion, and smooth out truck transitions.

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Gate Pass Conroo Plan

Self Check-in App

Simplify gate access with CONROO Gate Pass and eliminate the need for plastic cards. Increase security, minimize bottlenecks, and enable smooth access and exit at terminals.

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Yard Connect Conroo Plan

Decrease Turnaround Time

Maximize yard handling efficiency with CONROO Yard Connect. Navigate trucks seamlessly, reduce turnaround times, and ensure a well-organized terminal environment.

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Slot Connect CONROO product

Optimize with Intelligence

Optimize your terminal planning with the AI-powered CONROO Slot Connect, which takes into account the estimated time of arrival of the trucks and terminal capacity. Manage slots efficiently, plan ahead, and avoid wasting resources to increase productivity.

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Customers trust us

Marcus Dober

Managing Director Tricon

CONROO helps us implement our innovative ideas quickly and efficiently and frees up important resources in our terminal.

Michael Kleen

Forwarder MT Transport

The CONROO app currently saves us up to an hour per day, and it would be advisable to integrate it into other terminals and depots as well.

Alexander Meyer

Forwarder Erndt

The app saves me time, is easy to use and I recommend it to all of my colleagues.

Partick Jandt


Thanks to CONROO, we have raised the efficiency and security of our terminals to unprecedented levels. The innovative solutions have changed our operating processes for the better.

Andreas Schulz

Managing Director DUSS

CONROO Connect has helped digitize numerous truck handling processes within our terminals and revolutionize our processes. The platform's user-friendly interface and seamless integration have streamlined our workflows.

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Customers trust us

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