CONROO Yard Connect - Yard Navigation and Planning

Maximize yard handling efficiency, navigate trucks seamlessly, and reduce turnaround times

CONROO Yard Connect

Discover the seamless integration of our Yard Navigation feature, seamlessly embedded within the CONROO Mobile App. Activated by local geofencing, it provides truck drivers with precise turn-by-turn guidance within the terminal yard. Effortlessly navigate to designated pick-up or delivery points for equipment, ensuring unmatched convenience and operational precision.

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Discover the seamless integration of our yard navigation feature, which is seamlessly integrated with the CONROO mobile app. Activated by local geofencing, it offers truck drivers precise turning guidance within the terminal area. Navigate easily to specific equipment pickup or delivery points and provide unmatched comfort and operational accuracy.
Your benefits

What advantages does CONROO Yard Connect offer you?

Management of equipment locations

Equipment Location Management

Gain precise insights into the current location of your equipment, ensuring efficient tracking and management.

Traffic control in the yard

Yard Traffic Control

Effectively manage and control traffic within your yard, optimizing operations and enhancing overall safety.

Streamlining operational oversight

Operational Oversight Streamlining

Achieve enhanced operational oversight to streamline yard activities seamlessly.

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