CONROO Gate Connect - self-check-in app

Streamlined gate operations for smoother truck transitions, enhanced security, and reduced congestion


Our user-friendly app simplifies registration, allowing drivers to create pre-announcements with essential details like container and truck numbers, and delivery location. Upon reaching the terminal, drivers effortlessly check-in through the app, securing the CONROO Gate Pass for swift entry. Fully compliant with ISPS regulations, our system incorporates top-tier security features for enhanced safety and efficiency.

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Conroo app
CONROO Trucking web app

CONROO Trucking Web App

CONROO’s Trucker Web App API serves as the vital link for trucking company dispatchers. Our comprehensive platform facilitates seamless slot booking and order management, providing a clear overview of releases and availability. Dispatchers can make bookings directly through our platform, which are automatically sent to the CONROO App for the trucker, streamlining the entire process. It empowers dispatchers to manage drivers efficiently, offering insightful analysis for optimized operations. With CONROO, elevate your trucking company’s capabilities and streamline your logistics with ease.

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Empower your trucking company with the CONROO Trucking API, a dynamic connection tailored for trucking company dispatchers. Seamlessly manage slot bookings, monitor orders, gain an overview of releases and availability, and efficiently analyze driver activities. Dispatchers can conveniently make bookings through their existing booking system via the API, which seamlessly integrates with the CONROO Mobile app for the trucker. Elevate your trucking operations with this sophisticated integration, designed for optimal efficiency and control.

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Your benefits

What advantages does CONROO Gate Connect offer you?

Paperless shipping processing

Paperless Dispatch Management

Effortlessly manage dispatching without any paperwork, ensuring a streamlined process.

Hardware-free solution integration

Hardware-Free Solution Integration

Seamlessly integrate our solution into your existing infrastructure without the need for additional hardware investments.

Secure terminal operation

Secure Terminal Operations

Implement state-of-the-art security checks to safeguard your terminal operations and data effectively.

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