Digitized trucker card

When Felix Paul Czerny saw the waste of resources due to paperwork at the TRICON container terminal in Nuremberg, the idea for his start-up Conroo was born.

DVZ: What prompted you to enter the logistics sector with your start-up of all things?

Felix Paul Czerny: We had a solution for using technology to significantly reduce wasted resources at loading points and among truck drivers. That's what finally brought us into logistics.

What do you see as the biggest strength/weakness of logistics?

The central strength is the pragmatism and solution-oriented attitude of all players along the supply chain — they all pull together and new solutions benefit everyone. One weakness is that many players in the supply chain work in historically developed, proprietary IT systems that work on their own but do not communicate with other participants along the logistics chain.

What solution does your company offer and how is it changing logistics?

We ensure efficient use of resources by digitally connecting truck drivers to charging points via the Conroo app or via an interface. With our Truck-Visit web app, we offer the option of controlling access, slots and the depot. You can think of it as a real-time control tower that digitally controls truck traffic. We will soon be introducing the Conroo GatePass and digitizing the previous, analog access authorization to seaports, the “trucker card” — including at Eurogate in Hamburg, Bremerhaven and Wilhelmshaven. This makes terminal operations more efficient and safer.

What business goals have you set for yourself in the short and medium term?

We want to integrate many other terminals, depots and charging points at home and abroad.

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